EMDR International Association, Certified Therapist

Brainspotting, Phase I, II + Intensive

Emotional Manipulation: Understanding Manipulators & Helping their Victims (CCEducation)

Attachment Focused EMDR (Healing Developmental Deficits & Adults Abused as Children

Life Energy Institute

   - Craniosacral Unwinding, Levels 1-4A

   - Cranial Anatomy & Listening 1 & 2

   - Craniosacral Communication

Ph.D. in Human Behavior: United States International University, San Diego, California, 1971.

Dissertation: “The Process of Incurable Illness and Humanistic Healing,” (United States International University), 1971.  Dissertation chairman, Carl R. Rogers, Ph.D.

Clinical Internship: Children’s Unit, Eastern Pennsylvania, Psychiatric Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1965-1966.

M.A. in Psychology: Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1962.

B.A. in Psychology: Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1959.

Training Workshops in Marriage & Family Therapy Includes work with Nagy & Framo, Haley, Satir, & Perls.

Professional Licenses & Certificates Held:

- Fellow and Diplomate: American board of Medical Psychotherapists
- Licensed Psychologist (CA) Lic#PSY6551
- Marriage, Family and Child Counselor (CA) Lic#MY004100
- Community College Teaching Credential (CA)
- Certification in Biofeedback (CA) Cert#3312
- Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy (CA)

- Private Practice in Psychotherapy: 1971-present
- Counseling Psychologist:  Student Health and Counseling Service, California State University, Fullerton, 1976-1990
- Psychologist & Ayurvedic Consultant:  The Institute for Holistic Treatment and Research, 1995-1997

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